OnTrack-Automated PDF Validation

Automatically validate and fix PDFs to be submission ready

Is the creation of submission ready PDFs giving you a headache?

Do you want to automatically validate every PDF that goes into your submission package?

OnTrack PDF Validator automates the validation of PDFs against health authority and other compliance guidlines. This ensures that every PDF that goes in the submission package is fully technically compliant, regardless of the application they were created with.

  • Automated PDF checks against stringent compliance guidelines.
  • Speed up document preparation and submission processes.
  • Centrally validate PDFs that are created by different applications and platforms, arriving from various sources in various quality.

Are you interested in speeding up the creation of compliant submission ready PDFs?


Submission ready PDFs automatically

  • Automate PDF validation and ensure formatting compliance of PDF documents.
  • Centrally validate PDF documents that are arriving from various sources in various quality.
  • Save time and reduce risk of non-compliance
  • Clear and informative PDF report for problematic documents.
  • You can communicate problems easily within your organization or with your contacted partners.
  • Seamlessly integrate PDF validation service into your current system or use it in your browser.

You need PDF Validator if You:

  • Want to ensure your PDFs are fully technically compliant before you share them with your submission publishers.
  • Don’t use a central PDF rendition tool where rules can be enforced.
  • OnTrack PDF Validator finds and fixes deviations from guidelines.
  • Don’t have a centrally managed document control system and so your PDF renditions may contain improper formatting.
  • OnTrack PDF Validator finds and fixes the problems in PDFs originating from non-compliant Word documents.
  • Receive PDFs from various sources.
  • OnTrack PDF Validator automatically checks and fixes all incoming PDFs.
  • Want to reuse old PDFs in your current submission.
  • OnTrack PDF Validator automatically checks and fixes the formatting against the rules you define for your current purposes.

Which PDF checks are automatically performed?

34 fully automated checks to meet strict health authority guidelines.

Essential check examples

PDF is not protected by password

Hypertext linked TOC is included

No corrupted bookmarks

Time saver check examples

Provide bookmarks for each ToC item

No broken links

No blue texts without hyperlinks

What can you expect by automating PDF validation?

  • Easily meet the regulatory PDF requirements for submissions.
  • Ensure all PDF files are ready to be submitted to health authorities, no matter which tool they were created with.
  • Clear and informative PDF report for problematic documents.
  • Centrally check and validate all PDF documents and fix errors automatically with 1 click.
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance and last-minute stress in submissions.
  • Reduce manual work.
  • Provide submission ready documents to your publishers quicker than ever.
  • Save valuable time and thanks to fully automated PDF validation checks.
  • Create compliant, submission-ready PDFs for FDA, EMA, PMDA, HC and many more health authorities simultaneously.

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